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    www.you-q.net anime wholesaler / 2011-10-20


    Q: WHERE does YOU-Q Company locates
    A:  The address of our company is : Room 2014,39 South JieFang Road, OneLink International Plaza, Guangzhou ,510120 China.
    Q: How to order?
    A: You can send email or place one order on our website. Then we will finish the price list according to your choice.
    Q: Why there are out of stock items?
    A:  The products updates very fast, some of the old products would be replaced by the new items, and some of them are hot sold which would also influence the stock situation. And the main reason is that we want to save your time ,so we won't wait for some items which would be available later.
    Q: How do we deal with the items which was paid ,but not arrived?
    A:  We will make a survey, if we forgot to send you those items ,we would like to resend them to you ,or refund you the funds.
    Q: How do we deal with the items which are defective or damaged in transit ?
    A: You will be kindly suggested to send us an Email showing us the list ,and tell us the item numbers, Pictures or Scan of the Damaged or defective items would be very helpful for us to make a compensation.
    Q: How about the shipping rate?
    A: Shipping rate is different from different seasons ,and different places.usually ,Non-Peak Season is cheaper than Peak-Season. Shipping rate is the same with all Western ,Northern or Southern European Countries ,Eastern Europe is more expensive. Usually for the consignment beteen 21KGs to 45 KGs are about 7.5-8  US dollars Per kilo Via UPS,and for the goods between 46KGs to 80KGs,it is much cheaper,it only cost you 6.5 US dollars Per Kilo.and the consignment shall arrive the place you are desinated in about 3 or 4 days.
    Q: Can I get the items safely?
    A: Usually ,there are no problem with the customs of U.S.A, Australia, France and most of the developed coutries.
    Q: Do I need to pay the tax in our country?
    A: Different countries has different policy, you can ask some information from your local government.

       We have one Anime Product design Company and wholesale store in Guangzhou of China. Address: Room #D2063, 2 Flat, International toy city, Yide Road, Guangzhou, China. We have one small factory in Changan Town of Duangguan City, China. If you come our country, you can visit our company or wholesale store, we will do our best to help you.
    TEL: +86020-83230426 FAX:+8620-83641981
    Export Trade Manger:Mr. Su
    MSN1: CnyouQ@Hotmail.com
    Alibaba: youqiwangluo


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